The self-construction option offers subsidized loans and executive engineering designs that help citizens build their own units

The self-construction option of the Sakani programme offers support in obtaining a mortgage loan, which gives Saudi citizens the freedom to build their own units, and enables eligible citizens who own residential land to construct appropriate housing for their families.

In order to obtain the subsidised loan for self-construction, the citizen must be registered in the ‘Sakani’ scheme; must own residential land; have a valid building permit; have a fixed income that enables him to obtain a loan; and must not have previously availed of housing support from the Ministry of Housing or the Real Estate Development Fund.

This enables citizens to construct their residential units using innovative, high-quality, and modern designs. The service also provides competitive prices from 15 experienced designers, according to the state-run Saudi Press Agency.

During the first eight months of 2020, the Sakani programme has served more than 254,000 families through all of its solutions and options, including the purchase of land; self-construction; the purchase of ready-made or under construction units, and more, taking the programme another step closer to its target of helping 300,000 families in 2020.