Construction work has been rapidly progressing on several road development projects in Saudi Arabia’s Asir region, which are being constructed as part of the kingdom’s initiatives to provide safe transport infrastructure.

Some of the projects that are currently under construction include the road serving the University City of the King Khalid University and the intersection of Arbaeen Road project.

Earlier, Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Transport, Saleh bin Nasser Al-Jasser inspected the projects.

Other roads project that is currently being developed in Asir is the Phase 1 of the northern reserve road of Abha Khamis Mushait road, in addition to the Aqabat Sha’ar road, and dualisation of the Al Sawda Road, standing on Obsta Dhula road.

In November 2020, the Ministry of Transport completed a number of road projects across various regions of the kingdom, in line with its mission to raise the level of safety and quality of roads, and to enhance the efficiency of their operation.

In order to improve operational efficiencies, the ministry completed the examination and evaluation of 80 bridges, and carried out a package of works on more than 17,000km of roads. This included surveying damage to asphalt surfaces; measuring the roughness coefficient of roads; measuring the resistance to slip on roads surfaces; as well as geographical surveys of reference points and longitudinal paths.

The ministry installed 3.4km of rotational barriers; 21km of concrete barriers; 25km of “cat-eye” ground signs; 112km of road fencing; and 34.71km of metal barriers.